September 2022

Mix-and-Match-COVID-vaccine-trial_1col.jpgUpdated results from COVID-19 vaccine booster trial

Study finds rapid decline in neutralizing antibodies against Omicron after boosting with one of the early COVID-19 vaccines, which targeted the original SARS-CoV-2 strain.

In recognition of National Recovery Month

Sept-National-Recovery-Month_1col.jpgAddiction research focused on whole-person health

For more than 30 years, researchers at KPWHRI have helped health systems find ways to measure and address alcohol and drug use in nonjudgmental, patient-centered ways that focus on the whole person.

CDC-Opioid-drug-Wave-Lines-Mortality_updated_2022_1col.jpgTalking to an addictions researcher

Collaborative Scientist Leah Hamilton, PhD, MPhil, answers questions about her recent and upcoming projects, including a new paper gauging experts' views on opioid-related policies.

More research news

eRADAR-story_1col.jpgDementia risk screening tool shows promise in health care setting

In a new study, a tool to help discover undiagnosed dementia performed well in 2 separate health systems.

Brain-science_Brain-changes-Alzheimers-Allen-Institute_caption_1col.jpgNew open data to help understand Alzheimer’s

Cell by cell, scientists are building a high-resolution map of brain changes in Alzheimer’s disease.


Bariatric-surgery_ObesityCanada-photo_1col.jpgComparing different types of bariatric surgery: What’s right for you?

Based on their studies, KPWHRI researchers explain the risks and benefits.


Eric-Larson-1209_-1col.jpgFormer KPWHRI Executive Director Eric B. Larson, MD, MPH, retires

As he leaves Kaiser Permanente, the ACT Study founder reflects on putting enlightened aging into practice.

KPWHRI_Group_photo_2022_1col.jpgHello, colleagues (and so long, summer)!

KPWHRI had its first all-institute gathering since the start of the pandemic in late August when many of us met up for a BBQ (and magic show!) at Seward Park.




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